Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moons and Bye-byes

Ah the blue moon. Lots of info on what and when but not why that name. Found it! The Christian calendar, used for dating movable feasts like Easter,  is based on 12 Full moons, 1 per month. Mostly. So then the 13th moon showed up they referred ito it as a Betrayal Moon because it threw off ao the tidy planning. And in Old English betrayal is  "belewe" moon.

So with that bit of trivia it is time for good byes here - I gave my students a list of movies to watch to improve their English and a way to use Google to get news in English. I think some will keep going. They have more than they did 3 weeks ago. Plus they know Chicago Bulls. That alone will impress their friends at the hammam.

I have lots of reflection and contrasts but they will wait until after a week in Spain.  I'll also add pictures to the blog and let you all know when it is ready for enhanced viewing. Thanks for taking the journey with me!


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