Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pulled into the future

Suddenly it is 48 hours until I get on a big plane again. I filled out my final evaluation form and poked in my suitcase to see if I need to buy more souvenirs. (yes) tomorrow is the last day of teaching. Sadly there are no volunteers to continue this job, but most of the students will go back to school next month so they will be busy. But no one will talk English to them.

Arabic is the first language taught, followed by French in grade 1. The most recent addition to the curriculum is Berber as some were afraid of losing touch with their roots. English is still an elective and #4 on the list. These students can read individual words - although I had to  explain "independence" and "kite"! Did they not read the Kite Runner? - but had no idea what an E at the end did the the vowel in the middle as far as pronouncation goes. Or two vowels together. I have not even touched all the exceptions. What a complicated language.

Many of them are on Facebook and hopefully they play games with English speakers. Bejeweled is universal.

From here I meet Bob in Spain and tour Barcelona and Madrid.  Back in the US on Sept 9. Thanks to my son and friend for manning the house and enduring the bites of the cat.

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  1. Robin,
    Thanks for sharing all of this. I've devoured every bite! Enjoy Barcelona with Bob—it's my favorite Spanish city. Wish I could do Paris with you and take you to my favorite student haunts.
    So proud of the work you do. While my writing eventually makes it around the world, your first personal adventures are beyond compare. You've given your students life-long memories!
    Love, Lois